AIA North Carolina Eastern Section

2013 Annual Eastern Section Awards Competition - Postponed

September 20, 2013 at 4:47 PM

2013 Annual Eastern Section
Awards Competition - Postponed

We received a total of 9 entries from 4 different firms displaying a variety of quality projects located around the State for the recent Design Awards Competition. These entries take a considerable amount of effort to prepare and we appreciate the time these firms took to prepare entries for these awards.

The 4 jurors selected by the AIANC Eastern Section Board included academics and practicing architects from North and South Carolina. The jurors were instructed to select a project based on design excellence. Each juror reviewed all entries independently, then the jurors came together to debate and evaluate the entries. Each juror concluded that none of the entries showed the design excellence they were anticipating as compared to previous Eastern Section Design Awards and concluded that they would not recommend an award.

The AIANC Eastern Section Board reviewed the entries and concluded that the quality of the entries was such that an award could have been awarded. The board concluded that in order to honor the effort of the entrants each entry would be held and entered into a new award competition to be held in 2014. The call for entries and the instructions to the jury will be revised and the participants will have the opportunity to resubmit if they wish or keep their current entry for re-submission.

We will also be looking to expand the call for projects next year to include service oriented projects where architects have served a community through a range of design solutions. This idea of Service Oriented Architecture and the call for entries will be expanded over the next year.

The projects submitted for our design awards and the architects represent our section show their hard work and design quality during these economically challenging times and we are committed to recognizing their efforts and excellence.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Sarah Afflerbach, AIA
AIANC Eastern Section President