AIA North Carolina Eastern Section

Legislative Day

March 23, 2011 at 11:28 AM

Everyone wants to be heard. Each of us has a story and we want someone to listen, to take notice. On March 30th you will have that opportunity.

Everyone in our profession and those in engineering, construction, production, transportation, etc. are experiencing the impact of the current economic condition. We are all trying to find creative solutions to sustain ourselves and our companies through the recovery period and to emerge in a better position.

As noted in my previous letter, historically it has been the charge to architects to solve problems. Through our unique training and exposure to various types of clients, projects, financing, scheduling, trades and agencies we have successfully turned obstacles into creative working solutions. We also know that the work we begin on a project continues into years, creating work for hundreds of Americans from surveyors to earthwork contractors, from geotechnical engineers to steel erectors, from environmental engineers to mechanical contractors, regulatory officials, manufacturers, transportation, engineers, our firms, and on. We put to work an exponentially larger and broader field of Americans than the current roadway improvements popular with our politicians.

Putting people to work will begin to move us and the American workforce out of the recovery period. At the same time we need to make our voices heard on the current and proposed tax burdens placed on our employees and our firms, the opportunities to renovate and repair existing facilities, the importance of sustainable design and energy conservation, and the necessity to empower the private sector to grow.

Please join us at 8:00am on March 30th at the Gravy restaurant (135 S. Wilmington St., Raleigh) where we will assemble to meet with our colleagues and prepare to visit with our legislators to share our concerns and solutions to assist with the economic recovery. I will provide lunch for those who come to meet with our legislators where we can continue the dialogue and discuss other topics of interest.

Everyone wants to be heard. Your story cannot be heard unless you are there to speak.

John Birath, AIA, LEED AP

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