AIA North Carolina Eastern Section

President's Message

February 28, 2014 at 11:00 AM

First, I would like to express my excitement at being your new President. Secondly, I would like to share some of the ideas that we are planning on implementing this year in the Eastern Section of the AIA North Carolina.


Making our website serve you better  

I will be working with Nicole Elsholz, our Eastern Section Executive Director and our Public Relations firm, Evolve Inc., to make sure our website is helpful to you – our members- and clientele. Evolve Inc. and Nicole have already been figuring out ways to streamline the website and make it a better and more accessible marketing tool. Nicole has also talked to Keri Dixon, Programs and Communication Director of AIA North Carolina, and to some of the other Executive Directors to find out what is working well in the larger sections. The goal is to maintain a website that will better serve us as architects but also extend further into the community and help potential clients find a firm that can, locally, provide them with the services they are looking for. We see this as a great member benefit and are excited to help facilitate growth and development


Design Awards

 Unfortunately last year we were not able to award any members with a design award in our section. Our hope is that, with a shift of focus from AIA National to the Regional Design, including two new categories for submittal: small scale projects and public service, we will have struck a balance and celebrate great design throughout the Eastern Sections.

If your project precipitated a positive change in the community where it was built then you should submit it for an award in the public service category. Our region, like many other sectors of the community east of I-95, is not as well capitalized as the Piedmont. However, that does not mean that a project that does not enjoy the same budget cannot make a difference to the people it serves. The new design category will focus on more than “pure design” and celebrate architecture as a social art and community service.


Merging membership meetings with opportunities for Continuing Education

There will also be an effort to encourage membership meetings at times when you can get continuing education credit throughout the year. The Continuing Education schedule is still being developed so we cannot share when our meetings might be combined with these CE courses. However, by the time of the next newsletter we should be able to tell you about some opportunities to attend the general membership meeting of our section while getting information that will lead to C. E. credits.


Coming to visit

Lastly, I will be coming to visit. The purpose of my visit to your area and hopefully to your firm is to gather ideas and input about how to make your organization serve your needs even better. I want to also be able to furnish you with more detail about what we are doing on your behalf and give you details about upcoming meetings and events, such as, the golf tournament.


So that is our news for this month. We look forward to sharing more with you in the near future,



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