AIA North Carolina Eastern Section

Repositioning - Summer 2015 Newsletter

July 28, 2015 at 2:14 PM

Our section is expected to re-organize the way we deliver services to our membership beginning January 2016. This re-organization, and its struggles, is similar what AIA National has been working through for the last two years. Based on what services our section decides, we will be a different organization in January 2016. We can “contract” for services from the national or state level; however, our section is expected to furnish all the services listed in the chart below if we are to remain an accredited section.

If you see a check in a box that means that the board of directors for our section believes we can furnish that specific service locally. You can see that the Charlotte chapter officers believe that they can furnish all but two of the required services exclusively through the chapter. Our list, of what we believe we can do for ourselves, is around 40% of what will be required of us when we sign an agreement in December 2015 indicating our plan for service provision.
If all this seems complicated; it is. So a consultant has been hired to help the sections and the state chapter resolve how we will do business together.
We will talk about this in greater detail at our first general membership meeting on Monday, August 10th at 5:30 PM at Mother Earth Brewery in Kinston, NC.
Come join us for a continuing education opportunity, a tour of a wonderful energy conscious renovation, a brief discussion of repositioning and member services, as well as food and cold beer. This is your section and decisions will be made without your input if you do not make your opinions known. That would be a mistake for all of us. 
See you in Kinston,
Hunt McKinnon
President, Eastern Section AIANC